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Easy Steps To Download Mp3 Songs Into Your iPhone

Apple is a very popular brand in terms of electronics devices like a cellphone, iPods, Ipads, and laptops.  iPhone is […]

How to take a screenshot on any device?

How To Take A Screenshot On Any Device? Simple Tricks-

Hello Friends, Today’s I will tell you that how to take a screenshot of smartphones, laptop, computer, tablets etc.So I […]

How To Delete Your Facebook Account Temporarily | Need Tricks

How To Delete Your Facebook Account Temporarily | Need Tricks

These days Facebook is a social trend. Everyone is on Facebook whether they are kids or elders of the family. Facebook […]

Solution Of The Error “Your connections isn’t private”

Many time we have faced an error message when we open our browser that is “Your connection isn’t private”. In this blog […]

How To Crash Anyone’s WhatsApp

How To Crash Anyone’s WhatsApp

Today I will share a trick to hang or crash someone's WhatsApp by sending some specific spam messages. I will disclos a mystery application which […]

Tricks To Reinstall Windows 7 Without CD And

Today we are discussing the tricks to reinstall windows 7 without CD and USB. Its a very big issues for […]


What Is Snapchat Filters? Tricks To Share Current Status Easily With Snapchat Filters

You must have seen your friends Snapchat photos or videos overlaid with cool stickers that magically represent their current status. […]

How To Download Videos From Youtube Very Quickly?

Hello Friends, Here I will tell you that how to download youtube videos very quickly without using the third-party application.I […]