How to Click Perfect Pictures with DSLR

how to click perfect picture with a DSLR

DSLRs are like an essential these days, most of us use DSLRs to take pictures. DSLRs are not so user friendly. If you have just got a DSLR and you want to master the art of clicking pictures but you do not know much about DSLRs and you want to learn how to take the best pictures with a DSLR.  You can follow the given points in order to master the art of clicking pictures.

Here are a few suggetions that would help you understand How to Click Perfect Pictures with DSLR.



The cleanliness is very important in our daily life and for photography as well. You must clean your camera lens before going for a photography session. Make sure the lens is clean and the camera sensor is clean as well.

Camera manual

The manual given with the camera is very important. Most of the people do not even read the camera manual. If you want to use your DSLR in the best manner possible you must read the camera manual first. It might take up to 2 hours but it is worth spending time.


Framing is very important if you want take the best pictures then you must focus on framing. 80% of photography depends on how you frame the subject according to the picture you want to take.


The colour you get to see in some of the pictures would never be like that if the light would not be perfect. You should try to use the negative space in your favour.


Control the exposure according to your picture. Try not to over expose the pictures.


Try to keep the angle in the best position possible for your picture. Try keeping your hand steady or you may use a tripod as well. The angle of your camera plays a great role in the pictures.

In the following article we talked about how to click perfect pictures with a DSLR. We mentioned a few steps which can be helpful in order to take perfect pictures with a DSLR. Hope you would like our suggestions and it would be helpful. Do not forget to like, comment and share.

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