How to click perfect pictures with your phone

These days camera has become an essential that you must carry all the time. During your vacations but as we all know carrying a camera all the time with you can be very hectic and your relaxing vacation can turn out to be an hectic one. So in the following article we are going to talk about how to click photo with your phones and how to get rid of your DSLRs.

Follow the given steps to learn How to click perfect pictures with your phone



Make sure the lens of your camera is clean and has no scratches on it because it can ruin your picture completely. It is easy to do and is very important for the photos that you are going to click. You can use a cotton or any kind of soft piece of cloth to wipe out the dust from the lens.



If you want to take the best pictures then you must focus on the “focus”. Sometimes taking a good picture takes a too long to focus but the duration it takes is worth waiting for. Focus the object that you want to click wait till it is focused correctly take a breath in go for it.


Accept the negative space

"negative space’’ simply refers to the areas around and between the subjects of an image – and it can turn a photo from good  to great. Try to utilise the negative space as the positive space.try using the light in the most creative way that you can think of.



The light is perfect, the focus is also fine but what if the position of your phone’s camera is not good. The position and the angle of the camera should be kept according to the photo that you want to get. After a little practice and experiments you can achieve the most suitable angle and position for your photo. Keep in mind that the position and the angle of your camera varies from photo to photo.



Do check your settings make sure everything perfect for your camera. Make sure your camera settings are perfectly configured. Do check if the resolution is set on the highest or not. If it is not then keep it on the highest number, ex-if phone has a 13 MP then the resolution of the camera must be 13MP.


If you are done with all the following steps, then what are you waiting for go and get the best pictures that you have ever clicked.

After reading this blog, I am sure you would have understand that How to click perfect pictures with your phone. Feel free to comment, like and share.

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