Tricks to check if your emails are being tracked

With the development of digital service, the importance of email has extended to dozen fold. The emails has been an importance means of communication for years and now its importance seems to be increasing further .

We never care where we check our emails, check where ever we get a chance to peek whether its cyber cafe or on someone's device. The truth is that this can be very serious and risky as there are email-tracking tools that make it easy for people to see when you open an email, what you click, and where you're located.

This trick will help yo to track if your emails are being tracked. To do this you will be needing a tool called Ugly Email. This tool is reported to shows you when your emails in Gmail are being tracked, and it starts working before you click anything.

You will need to install the tool in your device but it should be noted that the tools will only work in Google chrome. You can get the tool from Chrome Web Store, click the "Add to Chrome" button, and it will automatically installed.

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