10 Easiest Internet tricks

10 Easiest Internet tricks

Most of us are unaware the useful of using shortcuts. Using shortcuts help to save your time and also help to complete your work more efficiently. Here are of the the simplest keyboard shortcut which people usually ignored, but using these can be really time saving and also can help us to the work more efficiently.

These short-cut or rather tricks will work on most of the browsers. And it is highly recomment for you to make it handy.


1. Ctrl+N: Open a new browser window.

2. Ctrl+R: Reload the current browser page.

3. Ctrl+D: Bookmark the current page.

4. Ctrl+B: View bookmarks.

5. Ctrl+H: View browsing history.

6. Ctrl+J: View downloads.

7. Ctrl+F: Find a word or phrase in the current webpage.

8. Ctrl+T: Open a new browser tab.

9. Alt+Tab: Switch between open windows. This shortcut opens the Task Switcher.

10. Tab: Skip to the next field in a web form.


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