5G Magic – Tempting advantages but compromise with Nature


Magic of 5G – Tempting advantages but compromise with Nature

It is no longer a hidden project that 5G has come to stay and is being used in most developed countries of the world, as it is a development to the science world.

However, the advent of 5G network technology has brought about much advancement in our society, but it is also known that in every production made as regards to what deals with our radiation there will be positive effects and negative effects to our society, but the issue is how can we tackle the negative and boost the positive


This is the network that is on the 5th generation technology standard for the cellular network which was initiated in 2019 and was made global. It happens to be the fastest brand of the cellular network and works in only a few kinds of phones and it is allowed in only specified countries. This network is a successor of the most rampantly used 4g network. The 5g network which was developed by 3GPP company can be able to support up to a million devices per square kilometer. The 5G can be implemented on low-band, mid-band, or high-band millimeter-wave 24 GHz up to 54GHz. The 5G technology has led to many debates as regard its health implication and its radio wave.

Magic of 5G – Tempting advantages but compromise with Nature



The 5g network has affected the world’s economy on a high-side and is still on the surge. According to an economic analyst, it has been said that the 5G network has a $13.1 trillion-dollar global economic output and will be on the increase in the next fifteen years to come. It has been researched upon that 5G’s full effect will likely be realized across the globe by 2035. 

It is also said that it would be able to create up to 22.8 million employment opportunities for people thus increasing the world’s GDP in the economy, and reducing unemployment on a large scale.


The 5G network though good came with its adverse effect on us. The radiation of this contemporary technology has brought about the increase in aliment that happens in human life such as cancer. The electromagnetic radiation from our cellphones has brought about this risk to our health.

 Though this hypothesis test is not conclusive but has been adduced under some experiment that the 5g radiation is possibly carcinogenic and thus have a great chance of causing cancer to the human tissue.

However, some scientist also disagrees with the fact that the 5g network is harmful to our health as it is adduced that radio waves cannot break through our tissues or DNA.


5G network has been seen to have both a positive and a negative impact on our environment.  It has been debated that the 5G network has some negative impact on our environment such that it has more energy consumption and emissions. This network circulates radiation in the eco-system that is not good for the environment and thus harmful for living organisms in the environment.

The positive impact on our environment is that it will be able to increase energy efficiency and enable more renewable energy. The 5G network helps to reduce pollution and minimize wastage. It also helps in protecting nature. 

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The 5G network which makes use of a high-frequency wave called “millimeter wave “has a great effect on organisms with high-surface-area-to-volume ratios such as; insects, birds, mammals, and amphibians. It is said that this wave has a thermal effect on insects which affects their physiology, behavior, and morphology.

This wave also affects plants as they strongly absorb mmW energy which in turn has a great impact on them.  


This 5G network also has an effect on our society, though a positive effect. The 5G network has brought about advancement in our society such that it has improved our level of connectivity with regards to our telecommunication industry, it has made society to be mobile by creating high-frequency connectivity that is on a high bandwidth which can create a fast network. This 5G has affected almost all spheres of society such as business, social life, infrastructures, etc.

Magic of 5G – Tempting advantages but compromise with Nature



5G network has brought about advancement in the terms of factories such that it will make the production system in the world to be advanced beyond measures and make work in the industry section to be easier. It will also bring about infrastructures that will be high in their AI technology such as autonomous vehicles.


With the genesis of the 5G network, there will be an advancement in reality such that digital reality will be brought into the real-life application, thus merging the real world and the digital world. This has since been seen in virtual reality but 5G will make it be used together with either reality of time. This can already be seen to be used by the Microsoft company in their creation of HoloLens 2.

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