Daily Technology Tips for Everyday use Geek Help

We are surrounded by technology all around. In this era time is everything. To save time and increase efficiency here in this blog we would guide you Daily Technology Tips for Everyday use Geek Help.

Following are the Daily Technology Tips for Everyday use Geek Help

Google: Save any google image

If you want to save any image on google press “Alt” and click on google image. It will automatically be saved to your computer. Just point your mouse cursor to the image and click while pressing the ALT button.

Recover Lost MS Word

Have you accidentally closed a word file without saving it? No autosave either? Search “.asd” in the file search under “My PC.” You will find your documents there. Windows system has the backup file for you.

Type AA

Highlight all the selected words and press shift+F3 to make all caps and lowercase.

Download Youtube Video

To download any youtube video, just add “ss” to the URL address between “www.” and “youtube”. Your video will be downloaded right away. It basically leads you to a new website and their you can save that video.

Hack Paid Wifi

The wifi at airports/hotels costs money to log in, you can use it by adding “?.jpg” at the end of the URL address. Do not access use it.

Mozilla Firefox

When you copy some words from the internet, use Ctrl+shift+v to paste them. This trick will help you to prevent text from formatting.


If you download a PDF file and you see “.exe” in the end. Please delete it, it is a virus.

How to make an essay longer

If you want o make an essay longer, press Ctrl+F, search “,” and change the size of the font from 12 to 14. The essay will look the same, but it will make your paper notably longer.

Hope you would like these tips and use them to make your day-to-day life at ease. Daily Technology Tips for Everyday use Geek Help.

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