Dating Tips – How to date a creative person

Dating Tips - How to date a creative person

Well the following mentioned steps seems to much to do, but while you would follow the steps and guides mentioned you would realise how true these are.


  • First of all,Dont expect too much.

Creative people are often dwelled in their own world. Try not to dig in to that.

  • Appreciate their work.

They know it all, so be real about their work, if appreciating. Dont indulge in an argument about their work.

  • Be expressive and crazy.

They like to express themselves likewise they like people to be well-spoken.(If you be little dramatic, trust me it will flatter them like anything)

  • Give a healthy space.

They dont like boundaries or pressure. Giving them a good space will take your relationship long way ahead

  • They dont like numbers.

So dont be materialistic. Try to observe the quality than quantity.

  • Pick an unconventional location to date.

They hate being taken to a common place like shopping mall, coffee shop or pizza hut .Try to find a nice authentic hangout place like art house/cafes, historical monuments, lake side/open roof/vintage restaurants, or say to picnic spot or a street craft market they will love it.

  • Be creative at gifts.

Buying gifts for them is the biggest challenge so try to give something handmade (made by you will be a plus).

And most importantly, avoid being a stereotype. Dating a creative person means being surprised by their creativity and sense of wonder all the time. They know you cant beat that level at this. but try not to be so boring and typical.

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