Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Most awaited – That will make your mind blow

Destiny 2

The sit tight for Destiny 2 – The Witch Queen extension is practically finished.

As guaranteed, Bungie will carry out huge loads of new mechanics, from subclass to weapons creating.

Be that as it may, some are advertised only for the new extension, as Season of the Lost required up close to a large portion of a year with its running time.

The forthcoming reset will go live after long upkeep to get ready for the extension. Besides Destiny 2 The Witch Queen, Guardians will get the Season of the Risen close by Scarlet Keep Nightfall and a fresh-out-of-the-box new Throneworld open world.

Upcoming content for Destiny 2 

Destiny 2
Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Most awaited – That will make your mind blow

The Witch Queen expansion

A DLC that requires no introduction to the Destiny 2 community, The Witch Queen expansion will go live with a bunch of updates to the sandbox. Alongside the campaign, players will get a new open-world called the Throneworld and a small area on Mars.

The expansion is also scheduled to hold a total of four seasons in the next twelve months, with The Final Shape coming as a potential next expansion. Players will be further pushed to 1350 as the floor cap, with 1500 as soft, 1550 as powerful, and 1560 as the pinnacle.

Scarlet Keep Nightfall

Destiny 2 Season of the Risen will be hosting a new set of Nightfall activities from different planets. Guardians can expect new strikes from the campaign and expansion to be added to the Nightfall pool as the season progresses.

With some of the weapons getting out of the loot pool, they will be further replaced by new ones. The drop calendar for Season 16 Nightfall strikes will be available in the future.

Season of the Risen

Season of the Risen is the official name of the newest entry from Bungie alongside The Witch Queen. Unlike Hunt, Risen will follow a story parallel to The Witch Queen, where the Guardians and Vanguard will seek help from Caiatl to take the light back from Savathun.

The official cover for Season of the Risen was released a few moments after Bungie’s Vidoc, which revealed a Guardian holding a light spear.

The Champion mods for the Season 16 artifact are:

Destiny 2 weekly reset (February 8 to 15): Hollowed Lair Nightfall, bonus Vanguard ranks, and more.

Destiny 2 weekly reset (February 15 to 22): Season of the Lost ends, bonus Crucible ranks, Iron Banner, and Lake of Shadows.

Destiny 2 weekly reset (January 18 to 25): Bonus Nightfall rewards, Corrupted, Mayhem, and more.

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Bungie is commending the arrival of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen tomorrow with a shiny new send-off trailer for you to appreciate. Before the extension is delivered, the organization is showing it off in the entirety of its greatness, as we get somewhat of an artistic prologue to the sights, the sounds, and the fear the queen herself has coming up for you as you endeavor to bring back The Light. The organization likewise dropped more information on a portion of the things you can now purchase through various organizations connected with the game, which we have recorded for you here in the event that you’re searching for a new thing.

Arctis 1 | Destiny Edition 

Featuring Arctis drivers for signature sound and a detachable ClearCast microphone that delivers natural-sounding clarity and noise cancellation, this stylish headset also comes with a timed-exclusive Viral Celebration Exotic emote, designed specifically for the Destiny x SteelSeries collaboration.

Rival 5 | Destiny Edition

The Rival 5 Destiny Edition Gaming Mouse features nine programmable side buttons — each is fully customizable for the player’s most important hotkeys — and a five-button quick action side panel layout includes a toggle switch for fast and efficient in-game actions. The mouse also includes the timed-exclusive Viral Celebration Exotic emote.

QcK Prism XL Mousepad | Destiny Edition

The QcK Prism XL is the pinnacle of surface performance, innovation, and style. Durable micro-woven cloth optimized for low and high DPI tracking movements and a 900 mm x 300 mm x 4 mm playing surface provide players with maximum control. The mousepad includes the exclusive Existential Unfoldment Legendary emblem, designed specifically for the Destiny x SteelSeries collaboration.

Arctis Pro Speaker Plates | Destiny 2

The Witch Queen Edition – Gamers can personalize their award-winning Arctis Pro line of headsets and commemorate the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion, The Witch Queen, and take back the Light with the limited-edition speaker plates. Compatible with Arctis Pro, Arctis Pro + GameDAC, and Arctis Pro Wireless.

As promised by Bungie, players can expect Season of the Risen to have more impact compared to Undying in Year 3 or Hunt in Year 4.

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