Expert Canva tips and tricks – You need to know


What do we know about Canva?

Canva may be probably the best creation of the 21st century. I would not joke about this. Assuming you’ve never utilized it, it’s a free internet-based visual computerization program that permits you to make a fantastic substance with negligible plan expertise. Handcrafts from an expertly evaluated plan program will continuously enable you to make things you couldn’t in any case. Our planners have invested such a lot of energy preparing to become specialists! In any case, having an architect that is Adobe-insightful isn’t possible for all associations. So assuming you’re entrusted with planning something, employing an organization with proficient creators is your smartest option all the time.

The following are not many Canva configuration tips that I wish I knew when I initially began utilizing Canva. 

Get Design Inspiration

Type in /#design-stream in your Canva URL to see what others are creating in Canva. 

Pro Tip: You’ll see the images of the profiles you follow first.


Did you have at least some idea there are two codes to raise Canva’s Free Elements?

Type in the search box: “brand:BAAMOuJH0Ec” or “brand:BAAAAP7rQ8M”.

It will bring up only the free elements in the Canva library. Cool trick, right?

I know you were probably curious about that, so you can just copy and paste it from here!

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Could it be said that you are on a careful spending plan? No concerns. Canva’s made it simple to channel through their Free Images. Simply select the button on the search bar!


There are two useful shortcuts you can use – 

Shortcut #1: Press “T” in your Canva Design to bring up a Textbox. (How fast is that?)

Shortcut #2: Put a ring on it! (The border, I mean the border). Press “ALT” + “SHIFT” + “B”.

Easily duplicate elements

If you have an element on the template that you might wanna duplicate then click on the duplicate icon that is at the top right corner of your desktop. But there’s also a shortcut for this on your keyboard. For MAC users- CMD+D and for Windows- CTRL+D

Zoom in/out faster

There’s an option for zooming in/out of your image at the bottom right corner of your page. But the keyboard shortcut for it on MAC is CMD +,- and for Windows is CTRL +,-. Another way for MAC- CMD+Scroll is with the help of your mouse. For Windows – CTRL+Scroll with your mouse.

Hyperlink your text

If you want to save the image as a pdf and want people to click on a certain text, then this Canva design tip might be handy. Firstly, select the text you want to put on your link. At the top right corner there are three dots -> click on the ‘link’ icon to get a link. Now enter your URL, click on apply and it’s linked.

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