How to make best Rum Cocktail

It is said that, drinking is injurious to health. And this article does not support any drinking habit, but has been uploaded in the interest of all those who loves making rum cook tail as a means of education. The article is meant for those who has attain the age to consume alcohol legally.

Ingredients Needed

1. 60 ml standard Rum.
2. 60 ml Coconut Milk.
3. 10 ml Orance juice.
4. 20 ml black coffee (cold).
5. 1 teaspoon of caster sugar.
6. 10 ml water.
7. Icecube.

After collecting the needed ingredients follow these steps. You are now one step behind making the best Rum cooktail. The amount of coconut water should be equal to the amount of Rum. The coffee should be black coffee and the concentration of coffee should be high and should be cold. And also it will be better if you make the orange juice by your own not the one sold in the market, and if you can't get oranges juice you can also use lemon juice but it will be better if you use orange juice.

Now, mix the water, sugar and orange juice and stir well until the sugar is dissolved fully. Then add equal amount of sugar and coconut milk step by steps and stirring well the mixture. Final step is adding the coffee and stirr well to get a uniform solution.

You can now add ice-cube, drinks serve best with ice cube. The cocktail is now ready to serve.

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