How to Mark a Place on Google Map

how to mark a place on google map

By applying following ways, you would be able to list your service/company or any related thing on Google maps. You could mark a place exactly on Google Map. And from anywhere accrossif it would bee searced by that location, your place would be shown. That is the best part of the Google Map.

Learn How to Mark a Place on Google Map


Steps are mentioned below:


Step 1

First step is to go to the google map maker page (


Step 2

Sign in with your google account.


Step 3

Click add new on top left of the viewport


Step 4

Select add a place from the drop-down menu.


Step 5

Select the satellite view and zoom in to the location. Drop the marker on top of the intended place, close to the region where it exists


Step 6

Select a category from the drop-down menu, or type in the box to search for a category. Enter the name of the feature in the name field


Step 7

Click continue to add more details in the left panel.


Step 8

Add details in the left hand panel. Select building and associate the place with the appropriate building


Step 9

Finally enter the details and click save to add your place.


That it, your place has successfully been Added. And you have now learned How to Mark a Place on Google Map.

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