How To Prevent Copyright Issues In Youtube

Copyright Infringement

I always see videos on youtube with music videos and videos of people with mainstream songs and they play fine and put Adsense. I tried to upload a video for a project. “For what it is worth” and gets muted and said it was violation of copyright laws or something. Here in this blog I have listed down How to Prevent Copyright Issues in Youtube.

How to Prevent Copyright Issues in Youtube.

Fair Use Of Youtube

If you’re uploading them in fullscreen you will get hit for copyright matches or blocks. I would avoid uploading most copyright stuff in fullscreen unless you test it on a dummy channel first as some stuff skates by. Trust me those people who are putting highlights up in fullscreen aren’t making a dime off of them unless they got full permission from whatever soccer organization they’re posting them with to post them like that on YT and most people don’t get permission so they’re probably uploading them that way not for monetization purposes.


  • Adding Copyright Free Music, Soundtrack to Youtube Videos

  1.  Sign into your YouTube account and upload the video.​
  2. Once the video is done uploading, Edit the video in Youtube and use the AudioSwap feature.
  3. (AudioSwap is a service of YouTube where users can switch the audio track on a video they uploaded with professional tracks from cooperating artists and record labels).
  4. Select any Track. (To the right of the list is a Preview button so you can preview the video with the audio).

NOTE: It is highly suggested you check “Only show songs of similar length to my video”, and if you really want to go for the thought-provoking style of music, always go with “Soundtrack” for the genre.


  • Adding Images Which Doesn’t Infringe Copyrights

Luckily, there are plenty of websites for copyright free photos that wont require you to dig into your pockets.  Heres 6 of them:

  1. Freerange
  2. Stockvault
  3. FreeDigitalPhotos
  4. stock.xchng
  5. Flickr
  6. Creativecommons

You can use them easily in your video without worrying about youtube’s copyright issues.


  • Precautions while Uploading Youtube Videos

It is worthwhile to take a few simple precautions to make certain you dont have youtube’s copyright infringement problems down the road:

  • Dont Embed Clearly Infringing Material: Lengthy clips of popular television shows and movies, meaning the length goes beyond what might be considered fair use, should not be embedded.
  • Stick to Amateur Clips: Since the majority of the most popular clips on YouTube are amateur-made, it is probably best to stick to those while adding them in your videos if necessary
  • Say Something About It: Rather than simply using another youtube clipping, say something about it. Offer some commentary or criticism regarding the clip or discuss an issue that relates to it. This might not make an infringing use non-infringing.

Hope this post on How To Prevent Copyright Issues In Youtube will help your vlogs to be safely published. please comment if any methods have been missed out. Please like and share to all youtubers to make their life easier.

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