How To Send An Email

How To Send An Email

As we know that if you are reading this article then you must have an email to continue with. Emails are one of the most common way to communicate with people. People use Emails to communicate with others as it is one of the most secure way. People have accepted Emails worldwide. In this article we are going to tell you How To Send An Email.

You can follow these steps to understand How To Send An Email

1. First of all you will need an email ID. It does not matter that if you are having an account on gmail, yahoo or rediff.

2. First open the website on which you have your account.

3. Now enter you username as well as password.

4. If you forgot password then you should click on forgot password link. Now enter you security question or the information that you have entered at the time of registration.

5. Once you logged in. Click on Compose button.

6. Now a new page will open.

7.  Now type the email address in the “TO” textbox, who you want to Emal

8.   Now below the “To” textbox you could see an textbox written “Subject”.

9.  Enter the topic for which you are writing this email.

10. Now enter the text which you want to type in the “TYPE” textbox.

11. Now click on “Send” button.

Now your email is sent. the email which you have sent just now will be visible in the sent folder. Now you can send email’s from your new rediff email. You can also retrieve emails from other people. Email is a well known technology these days. It's would be vey easy for you to understand How To Send An Email.

Points to remember while sending emails:

1.  Write the receivers email carefully because if it would be a sensitive data it could go to someone else whom you don’t know.

2.  Never type any email fast otherwise there would be many grammar mistakes.

3.  Write the subject according to the text which you have written.

So remember these points. Now you know How To Send An Email. Hope you would like reading this article and it would be halpful. Please do like, comment and share.

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