the firsts of mobile phones

Which phone was the first to come with dual-sim support? Which phone was the first to have a camera? When was the first phone with a fingerprint scanner introduced? Which brand was the first to introduce a waterproof mobile phone? You will learn about different firsts of mobile phone technologies right here, right now.

Mobile phones, these days, have a number of features that brands boast about on their advertisements. But little do we know about the firsts of mobile phone technologies, i.e. about phones or phone brands that introduced a feature for the first time, which later turned out to be revolutionary. Let’s now take a look at the firsts of mobile phone technologies.

1. The First Phone To Support Dual-SIM

Back in 2000, a company called Benefon launched the Benefon Twin, which was officially the first phone to support two SIM cards. Nokia, Samsung, and Sony were a few other companies that followed the suit.

Benefon Twin

2. The First Phone To Feature A Camera

Again in 2000, it was a mobile phone with model name J-SH04 made by Sharp Corp. and was released by J-Phone(SoftBank Mobile).



  • The first phone to have two camera sensors on the back was Huawei P9, launched in August 2016, followed by the iPhone 7 Plus in September 2016.
  • First phone to have three camera sensors on the rear was Huawei’s P20 Pro launched in December 2018.
  • The first phone with four cameras was Samsung Galaxy A9 launched in October 2018.
  • Nokia 9 PureView was recently launched in February 2019, which has five(!) cameras.

3. First Phone To Have A Front-Facing Camera

Sony Ericsson Z1010 was the first phone that had a front-facing camera. The inclusion of the front-facing camera was solely intended for video-conferencing. The Z1010 was launched back in 2004.

Sony Ericsson Z1010

4. First Phone With Internet

Nokia 9000 Communicator revolutionized the mobile phone industry by being the first mobile phone to support internet connectivity. It was launched way back in 1996.

Nokia 9000

5. First Touch-Screen Phone

In 1994, it was IBM that introduced the first phone that had a touch-responsive screen with the model called Simon. The Simon was even considered as the ‘first smartphone’.

IBM Simon

6. First Sliding Phone

Siemens SL10 was a notable one among the first few sliding mobile phones in the mobile world.

Siemens SL10

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7. First Waterproof Mobile Phone

The first mobile phone to be waterproof was Sony’s Xperia Z, launched in 2014.

Sony Xperia Z

8. The First Phone With Fingerprint Scanner

It was in 2011 that the first ever phone was publicly available which had a fingerprint sensor on it. And that phone was Motorola Atrix.

Motorola Atrix

9. First Android Phone

HTC’s Dream was the first phone to run on Linux based platform, Android. It was launched in September 2008.

HTC Dream

10. First Ever Phone To Support Wireless Charging

It was a collaboration between Google and LG that they launched a phone named Nexus 5. This was the first phone ever to support inductive or wireless charging with Qi. The Nexus 5 was released in 2013.

Nexus 5

11. The First Bluetooth-Enabled Phone

Sony Ericsson T36 was the first ever mobile phone to be compatible with the Bluetooth technology. It was announced in the year 2000.

Sony Ericsson T36

12. First Slate Phone

Slate phones are phones that come with a stylus, which could be used for various purposes to be carried out in a phone. It was, once again, IBM Simon that supported touch-response using a stylus.

IBM Simon

And that was the list folks. I hope you found this list of the firsts of mobile phone technologies informative as well as interesting. To read more such interesting blogs related to mobile phones or rather technology in general, follow us on our website

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