One plus one phone tricks and shortcuts

OnePlus One is no doubt a new smart phone specially for geeks, for those who understand smart phones better and enhanced user experience. Below are some listed shortcuts, tricks and tips which would for sure enhance your user experience if you have OnePlus One smart phone.

After having some trouble with Cyanogen (which actually is a ltest technology), OnePlus developed Oxygen OS, which gives OnePlus One an enhanced features. Below are some listed useful information.

How to get Oxygen OS:

It is always better to hand the phone to experts (customer care) to update the OS of your phone. You can manually download it as well from the web or mobile but make sure to back up your all data before you plan to upgrade.

How to use gestures

Exciting gestures are being created by you and gives you a handy function from your phone, your simple gesture on phone could activate many commands. Just head to your settings and further to Gestures.

How to customize

There are lots of customization options with Oxygen and it works much the same way as stock Android. When you drag the notification shade down to get quick settings, you can tap the wee grid icon at the top right to drag settings around, and hide things you dont want to appear. Tap on any space on the home screen and youve got access to widgets, wallpapers, and app shortcuts. If you pick wallpapers and scroll all the way to the right youll get an additional group of OnePlus wallpapers.

How to change your buttons

You could do this before Oxygen, but youll now find the option to change your touch-sensitive hardware buttons in Settings > Buttons. You can turn them off, or tweak what they do. You get the option to set what a short press does, and what a double tap or long press does, so theres room to get the navigation setup you want.

How to view and move files

Theres a built-in file manager app on Oxygen OS called Files. Youll find it in the app drawer. It shows you how much storage space you have at the bottom left. You can long press on a file to copy, cut, share, delete, or edit it. If youre moving or copying a file you just navigate to wherever you want it and tap the wee clipboard icon at the top.

How to change the battery icon

You can choose a bar, a circle, or a percentage as your battery icon in Oxygen. Go to Settings > Battery, and tap on the battery icon next to the menu (three dots) to choose.

How to improve Oxygen

Its early days for Oxygen OS and the team behind it plans to develop it further. You can get in on that, and make suggestions, by downloading and using the official Oxygen OS Feedback app. You will need to enable installations from unknown sources in Settings > Security to install (just remember to disable it again once you have the app installed).

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