Save webpage as a PDF file

Save webpage as a PDF file

At times, we do have requirement to show a a webpage as a pdf file, the reasons could be many, mostly related to official work, or may be to review it later easily even if the internet is not working.

You you just need to follow below mentioned simple steps:

  • Open that webpage in Google Chrome, which you want to be saved as a PDF file.
  • Now press  Control + P (the print command) if you are using a windows and if you are using Mac then you need to press  Command + P
  • Now on that dialog box on the left hand side of the page, Click on Change  under destination
  • Under Local Destinations it is written Save as PDF  just click on it
  • Now Click Save
  • It would ask the destination where you want to save it and it would automatically save into your system.

I hope this works for you and you are happy.

Do let the good world know about this trick, share it with world.

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