Scientifically Proven Tricks That Can Make You Attractive

Scientifically Proven Tricks That Can Make You Attractive

Lets admit it folks, each one of us wish to become attractive and centre of attraction. Below mentioned tips are scientifically proven and could help you in gaining more popularity. Well could not give guarantee but we are sure it would help you for sure. In this blog we would let you know Scientifically Proven Tricks That Can Make You Attractive.

Scientifically Proven Tricks That Can Make You Attractive


#1. Smile your way into their hearts

It has been proved that a smile makes you look less intimidating, and more attractive. When you throw a friendly smile at someone, you are directly conveying a message that they have no reason to worry about or fear, and this easily induces further interaction.


#2. Stand tall and confident

It is not a secret that most women like tall men. Ladies are biologically inclined to choose the alpha male, and if there is a taller contender, he is going to have his height as an edge. So guys, try to choose footwear with high-heeled insoles.Although a girl’s height might not matter to most guys, the confidence that high heels impart does not go unnoticed. However, if you are very tall, wear flats and walk straight with shoulders pulled back firmly. This goes for both, men and women. In any case, be very confident when you walk. Nothing is more attractive than someone who walks straight and confident.


#3. Sometimes makeup is a must!

Ladies, men like makeup on you, as long as you donate go overboard and paint your face colourful. You can be very confident with your makeup. Studies have shown that men are actually attracted towards women who wear natural makeup that hides blemishes and give them a smooth, flawless look. So, if you are planning to meet that special someone, make sure you wear subtle makeup. But guys, please stay away from makeup of any kind! Yes, do away with tinted lip balm, compact, or even girlie, floral perfumes. It has been shown that on an average, for women, makeup on a guy is a big turn off.


#4. Be bold, wear red

This might sound strange to some, but having some red included in your look, either in the outfit or accessories, is like carrying a flame that will attract your mate like the proverbial moth! The colour red has been proved to be highly stimulating to the areas of the brain that dictate procreation.A study from the University of Rochester has showed that men rated women in red more sexually attractive than those who weren't in red. However, be warned that only the colour cannot work miracles. In fact, it can do nothing if you are unfriendly or unapproachable.


#5. Laugh your heart out

Laughter is the best medicine, they don't say this for no reason! It has been proved that when you laugh heartily, your best look comes out, and nothing can attract the opposite sex better. When you both are talking, and you laugh at something that they say, it makes them feel that you appreciate them. However, remember not to get carried away. Laughing for a long time after the conversation, can be a definite turn off. Also girls, stay away from giggling!


Hope you would find these tips good and would learn good things from it. Now you have learned Scientifically Proven Tricks That Can Make You Attractive. Feel free to comment/ share and to ask anything.

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