Simple steps to identify counterfeit currency

Simple steps to identify counterfiet currency

Simple steps to identify counterfeit currency.

Below are some of the simple steps by which you can easily figure out whether the currency you have in counterfeit or genuine.

Follow the given steps to learn Simple steps to identify counterfeit currency


Step 1

Real note is crisp and thin. The notes are printed on optical fiber paper. Fake notes are printed on thick paper made of bamboo pulp.And if the note is xeroxed the color and print will definitely look faded money.


Step 2

Look for the Intaglio on the denomination i.e.1000,500,100,50 20 ,10 or 5 ( the embossed print that enables the blind to touch and know the denomination of the currency). The chemical "omran is used to print in Intaglio which looks bright. Intaglio will be missing in counterfeit notes.


Step 3

Look at the note against the light, for the fine and shining security band on the right side of Intaglio look for the faint water mark security.


Step 4

For a genuine currency note, the number panel will be regular and when scrutinized against ultra violet rays,the letters printed with fluorescent ink shine. For a fake note the security band will be rough and prominent Number panel will be irregular. The numbers are comparatively smaller as compared to the original notes shine.


Hope by this simpler steps you would be able to find out whether the note / currency you have is counterfeit or not. If you like this trick, please feel free to comment and share.

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