Things to be kept in mind while doing online shopping

Online shopping is convenient ,One can view compare and buy things at a click , its less time consuming and even get the best deals. But apart from all these it carries its own risk it can end up in an online retail scam or even it can lead to identity theft. So there are some Things to be kept in mind while doing online shopping.

Keep Following Things to be kept in mind while doing online shopping


  • We all tend to ignore the advice of using an anti malware. This always help your pc from the attack of virus . These softwares will help you to detect and block such virus which can prove fatal to your PC and even it can unleash an attack on your financial.
  • Its always wise to use a third party payment process like Paypal or Google checkout rather directly giving payment details to the online store.
  • Its better to use s credit card than a debit card while doing online shopping. Since credit card has a limit and a debit card is directly linked to one's bank account.
  • Before proceeding towards purchase verify whether the vendor has encrypted the payment form.Most sites use secure socket layer.
  • Always make sure to print or save the copy of the order.Retain this copy till your order reaches you.
  • Always prefer strong passwords.Stronger the password tougher it will be for the hacker.
  • Its always good to check your bank statements on regular basis .This will help you to know whether any fraudulant transactions have happened. If so intimate it to your bank so that necessary steps can taken to avoid further damages.


Even a small mistake could lead you to a huge financial loss. Be very safe and precautious while you do online shopping. 

Hope the things mentioned in this blog was useful. Feel free to comment.

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