Volvo Cars Tech Fund Invests in Driver Monitoring Startup CorrActions

Volvo Cars Tech Fund, the venture capital arm of the Swedish carmaker, has announced its latest investment in CorrActions, a promising driver monitoring startup. The investment marks a significant step towards Volvo’s mission of achieving greater road safety through advanced technology.

In this blog we will discuss about volo cars invests in monitoring startup

CorrActions is a promising startup that is focused on developing a system for driver monitoring. The company’s technology uses artificial intelligence. And machine learning to analyze the driver’s behavior and alert them in case of any potential danger. This technology is critical for road safety, especially as more cars become autonomous.

Volvo’s investment in CorrActions will help the startup accelerate its development. And bring its technology to market faster. The investment will also help Volvo achieve its goal of zero fatalities or serious injuries in its cars by 2025. The collaboration between Volvo and CorrActions is expected to lead to new breakthroughs in the field of driver monitoring, which will ultimately benefit all road users.

Commenting on the investment, Jonas Ekmark, the Managing Director of Volvo Cars Tech Fund, said, “Our mission is to invest in startups that are developing innovative solutions that can enhance road safety. CorrActions has shown great potential in developing a technology that can detect potential dangers on the road and alert the driver. We are excited to be partnering with them and look forward to seeing their technology implemented in Volvo cars in the future.”


Volvo Cars Tech Fund and CorrActions is a significant step towards achieving greater road safety through advanced technology. With the backing of Volvo, CorrActions can focus on developing its driver monitoring system and bring it to market faster.

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