12 Things You Should Know About GoPro Karma

Karma GoPro

The GoPro Karma drone will be pitted against other drone giants in the marketplace, with established companies such as DJI and Parrot already having gained a head start on the camera manufacturer. In this post we have mentioned 12 Things You Should Know About GoPro Karma.

12 Things You Should Know About GoPro Karma

Additionally, numerous smaller players have entered the drone marketplace, with the niche considered to be one with huge financial potential in the coming years. GoPro’s product has to be better than the competition and at a compelling price point if it is to establish itself as a viable competitor, let alone the market leader.

Here is the list of 12 Things You Should Know About GoPro Karma.

  • The Karma system is compatible with Hero4, Hero5 Black, and Hero5 Session cameras.
  • The drone itself is extremely light at 35.5 oz.
  • It has an operating range of up to 3,280 feet.
  • The flight time on the battery is estimated at 20 minutes.
  • Stabilizer located in the front (propellers out of the view)
  • Collapses easily into the Karma backpack
  • Stabilizer adapts to GoPro mounts
  • Flight simulator included
  • Live streaming through GoPro’s Passenger App
  • GoPro’s stabilisation tech can be utilized in selfie stick form (all you have to do is remove the ‘Karma Grip’ from the drone and use it with an attached camera).
  • Controller that GoPro has put together. It looks more like a GameBoy than your average flight remote.
  • Controller’s got a touch screen, one button takeoff, and a return to home function.

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