Make Your WiFi Secured

Wireless Networking (Wi-Fi) has made it so easy for anyone to use Internet on your computer, mobile phones, tablets and other wireless devices anywhere in the house without the clutter of cables. In this post we have included everything to Make Your WiFi Secured.

Make Your WiFi Secured

With traditional wired networks, it is extremely difficult for someone to steal your bandwidth but the big problem with wireless signals is that other devices like Pcs, Mobile Phones and tablets can access the Internet using your broadband connection even while they are in a neighboring building, passing by your home or sitting in a car that’s parked outside your apartment. There are many diadvantages to this but major once are:


  • It will increase your monthly Internet bill especially when you have to pay per byte of data transfer.
  • It will decrease your Internet access speed since you are now sharing the same internet connection with other users.
  • It can create a security hazard as other users may hack your computers and access your personal files through your own wireless network and your private sharing settings

Make Your WiFi Secured by following these Instructions:

  1. Open your router settings page by entering in the address bar.
  2. Create a unique password on your router by entering your old and new password
  3. Change your Network’s SSID name.
  4. Turn off remote access.
  5. Enable Network Encryption.
  6. Turn off your wireless connection when you are not using it.
  7. Filter MAC addresses.
  8. Reduce the Range of the Wireless Signal.
  9. Upgrade your Router’s firmware.
  10. Turn off remote access.

‚ÄčIt is very important to keep your internet secured because of all types of cyber crimes. Please comment on the issues you face, What would you like to hear from us and please like and spread the knowledge on how to Make Your WiFi Secured.


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