5 Amazing Google Hacks Which Will Make Your Life Better

There are many search engines available these days but Google is probably the most used search engine around the globe. Google has been the most common search engine for a last few years. We have been using it since quite a long time but there are many things that we don’t know about it. So, here in this article we are going tell you 5 Amazing Google Hacks Which Will Make Your Life Better.

Here are 5 Amazing Google Hacks Which Will Make Your Life Better

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1. Definitions 

Discover the meaning of any word by simply writing define followed by the word you need definition for. Google will show the importance of the word. For instance: Type Define slip away and press enter. You'll see the significance of the word in indexed lists.

2. Google Translate 

Google translate is a service offered by Google. It is very useful for the people who want to translate something from one language to another. For instance, search ‘hello translation in Hindi’ on Google. You will see the interpretation of whatever you had written. There is dedicated app for this as well.

3. Local area search

Visit Google Local Area Search and enter the territory you need to hunt or watchwords of the spots you need to scan for. For instance: writing eateries in above connection will show all the eateries near you.

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4. Find PDF comes about as it were 

In the event that you need the list items coordinating a specific record arrange then utilize Filetype. in your pursuit question. Assume I need to discover PDF documents then I ought to sort the name of the record followed by filetype:PDF. 
For example: Type learn SEO filetype:PDF will show the PDF records identified with learn SEO.

5. Find Weather and Movies

On the other hand if you need to know about weather in a specific area and then sort weather by postal district or city and state to know the climate conditions. For example: if you write weather in Los Angeles will show the present weather conditions of Los Angeles.

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In the above article we atalked about 5 Amazing Google Hacks Which Will Make Your Life Better. hope you would like reading this post and it would be helpful to you. please do like, comment and share.

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