The 17 Best Digital Marketing Tools in 2020

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become very important for many marketers, even formally dedicated to traditional marketing. Apart from the fact that it offers a similar playing field for different businesses of different sizes to play simultaneously, digital marketing is much more cost-effective for traditional marketing.

Conversion Rate Optimized digital marketing leads to more conversions and generates better revenue and, ultimately, facilitates your engagement with your target audience, potential customers and even customers.

I am a big fan of finding the latest and greatest digital marketing tools.

While digital marketing tools will help you execute an appropriate strategy (they will not work for you), the right technology stack can help you move ahead of the competition.

Some tools found outside – things like website designing, competitor analysis, traffic analysis, and image designing. However, other tools are more specific, including keyword rank tracker, or design tools.

To take our marketing strategy to the next level.

We have outlined the following 17 digital marketing tools that every marketer should have in their tool belt.

Google Trends

Digital Marketing

Google trends one of the search tools allows the person to check how often the keywords, subjects, and phrases have been searched over a specific period of time. these tools analyze the portion of google searches to compute how many searches searched for keywords entered, relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time.

Keywords Planner

Digital Marketing

Are might be familiar with Keyword Planner. The AdWords Keyword Planner is a very powerful keyword research tool, built with the AdWords interface, that adds two of the most popular Google Ads tools, along with Google Keyword Tool and AdWords Estimator for traffic, and adds to it an integrated which guide users through the process for finding keywords for creating all-new Ad Groups and Campaigns.


Digital Marketing

Ahrefs is one of the most powerful tools for managing social media & SEO that you might use. Most SEOs professionals call it a “backlink checker” that competes with superb and intelligence analytics tools with features like Moz & SEMRush. But the “backlink checker” marketed as Ahrefs as a marketing suite.


Digital Marketing

Serpstat was founded in 2013 to be used as a keyword research tool. Since then, it has been growing and improving every day since. An in-house software which is now an independent product that is on its way to becoming a leader.


Digital Marketing


BuzzSumo is an online research monitoring tool. The functionality is to find content that is most shared on social media. You can enter your domain or you could try another domain to see what has been shared socially. You can track competitors and do analysis based on the content.

Color Picker

Digital Marketing


Color Picker has a graphical user interface widget that is found with graphics software online and used to select colors with some colors to create color schemes.

Campaign URL

Digital Marketing


Campaign URL allows you to add campaign parameters to URLs easily and very Continental so you can track Custom made Campaigns in Google Analytics.

Tag Assistant

Digital Marketing


Google Tag Assistant is available for free as a Chrome extension that helps you make Google tags such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Adwords Conversion Tracking are working correctly. With Tag Assistant, you can make changes in tags and instantly verify if they are working as intended.

Data Scraper

Digital Marketing


Data Scraping, which we also called web scraping, is the process of carrying out information from the website into a spreadsheet and local files to save on your computer. It is one of the most efficient ways to get information from the web, and in several cases to channel that data to another website.

Bootstrap Studio

Digital Marketing

Bootstrap Studio is one of the useful web designing and developing application platform. It provides a large number of components that help to build responsive pages which including headers, galleries, bars footer, and slideshows adding with basic elements like spans and div. This program used in building websites and prototypes.


Digital Marketing


Canva is a design platform for various types of graphics that allows users to create social media posts, presentations, logos, and other visual content. It is available on web and mobile and includes millions of images with fonts, templates, and illustrations.


Digital Marketing


Marvel combined and unique graphic design platform. Wireframe, prototype, design graphics and create designer specifications in one place. Just create an integration with their API.


Digital Marketing

Unsplash is one of the websites which is dedicated to sharing stock photography under the Unsplash license. The website is over 110,000 contributing photographers which generates more than 11 billion photos with the impressions in a month on a growing library of over millions of photos.


Digital Marketing


ManyChat is used for businesses in doing marketing and sales to support through Facebook Messenger. It helps your businesses create for the chatbot in minutes without any coding. ManyChat powers over 100’s of thousands of bots on Facebook Messenger and is the leader in messenger marketing space.

Push Engage

Digital Marketing


PushEngage is one of the marketing software company based in Bangalore, India. Ravi Trivedi founded it in the year January 2016. PushEngage initially developed as an internal tool that sends out browser-based push notifications for their products.


Digital Marketing


Evernote is free to use the app in your smartphone or computer that stores everything you could possibly imagine losing track of, like a boarding pass, receipt, an article that you want to read, and a to-do list even a simple typed note. The app works brilliantly by keeping everything in sync between computer, smartphone, or tablet.


Digital Marketing


Sprout Social is a social media management tool used in optimization platforms for brands and agencies of all sizes. Our platform gives everyone a single hub for social media publishing, analytics and engagement across all of the social profiles.

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