Cool trick to Check Warranty of Apple iPhone

Tricks to Check Warranty Apple iPhone

Cool trick to Check Warranty of Apple iPhone.

In this Blog we would teach you a Cool trick to Check Warranty of Apple iPhone.If you want to check the warranty period of your iphone, here are the steps you should follow.

To check if your iphone is in warranty or not first thing you need is the  serial number of your iphone which is printed on the box of your phone. If you do not have the box then you will need to follow the following steps to know your serial number.


Step 1

In your iphone, Go to Settings > General > About


Step 2

Scroll down to check the Serial Number and copy this down.


Step 3

Go to Apple's site and in the text box, enter the serial number of your iPhone and click on Continue.


The warranty status of your iPhone will show up, as will the eligibility for extended coverage. There are three headers: Purchase Date, Telephone Technical Support, and Repairs and Service Coverage.


If you bought a new iPhone, there should be a green tick mark next to all 3. If there isn't, then the iPhone's warranty has expired or wasn't valid in the first place and you should return the iPhone.

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