Easiest way to remove shortcut Autorun virus from Computer

Easiest way to remove shortcut Autorun virus from Computer

This virus is so dangerous that if it effect badly and you don't take precautions immediately it can damage your entire hard disk of your computer. Let me give you a small back ground of what actually this
Autorun virus is.

Autorun.inf is basically a file which starts automatically whenever you insert your pen drive or a compact disk(CD) into your computer.

These days you can see shortcuts of your files, which are actually created by these Autorun virus.

To avoid it and make your Computer safe just follow the below mentioned instructions


  • First Install this Software from Microsoft here for XP :Click Here.
  • Install it.
  • Go to Start -> Powertoys for Windows XP -> Tweak UI.
  • Expand My Computer Tree in Tweak UI.
  • Expand Autorun Tree.
  • In Drives Section, Unselect all the drives.
  • In Types Section, unselect all the drives.
  • Click on Apply.
  • Select OK.


  • Press  Win + R,  then type msc and then press Enter.
  • In The Local Group Policy Editor go to:

Computer Configuration – Administrative Templates –  Windows Components.

  • Locate the autoplay option and open it.
  • Click the enabled button and select all drives from option and apply .

 To be safe always, you need to strictly follow below mentioned instructions:

  • Disable the Autorun from your Computer
  • Update your Antivirus regularly
  • Scan every folder, file or pen drive regularly, before opening it.

How to delete Autorun virus completely

  • Press Win + R and type CMD and then press enter
  • In the command prompt type the below commands one by one

attrib -h -r -s /s/d g:

  • Replace the g with the drive name of your usb path.

drive name:\\ del autorun.inf

drive name:\\ del .lnk

  •  replace drive name with your usb drive letter .

Hope above mentioned thing works for you. If you have better trick or any updated knowledge about the same, please do share in the comment so that it would be helpful for others as well.

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