How to add/remove email accounts on Mac

How to add/remove email accounts on MacMac users who believe the Mail app in Mac OS X for handling email may eventually got to delete a selected email address from the appliance and their Mac. this is often common when an email address has changed or is not any longer in use, whether it’s a piece email or personal account.

email accounts on Mac

Note that by deleting an email account from the Mac and Mail app, you furthermore may delete all of the emails related to that account from the Mail app also . If you would like to delete all emails without deleting the account in Mail for Mac OS X you’ll do this with these instructions instead, which preserves the account to be used but clears all emails related to it.

How to Remove a Mail Account from Mac OS X

This will completely delete an email address and email account from the Mac, including all settings for the e-mail account, and removing all associated emails from the Mail app in Mac OS X.

  1. Pull down the menu and choose the ‘System Preferences’
  2. Choose “Internet Accounts”
  3. Select the e-mail account you would like to delete from the Mac from the list
  4. With the e-mail account selected, click the [-] minus button (or hit the Delete key on the keyboard)
  5. Confirm that you simply want to get rid of the e-mail account and every one of it’s associated emails and account settings from the Mac, including from the Mail application
  6. The account will disappear from the list and every one associated emails and settings from the e-mail address also will vanish. you’ll repeat with other email accounts as necessary.

This removes the e-mail account

Associated email account settings, and every one associated emails. you’ll not be ready to email from that email address again (unless you set it up again, assuming the account itself remains active).

Deleting an email account are often helpful for when an address is not any longer needed or in use, but it also can be helpful if you’ve got decided to ditch Mail app in favor of employing a different default email client, whether it’s Gmail from the online or a special desktop app like outlook.

If you’re removing the e-mail account because it’s not active or not needed, you’ll want to also delete the e-mail account from any iPhone or iPad where it’s in use also . a bit like Mac OS X, deleting an email account from iOS also deletes its associated emails and settings.