How To Check Who Is Using Your Wifi

How To Check Who Is Using Your Wifi

Are you also battling with your WiFi web speed? There is always a possibility of your getting hacked. Do you know how many individuals are using your WIFI? Nothing to worry even if you don't know, we'll guide you How To Check Who Is Using Your WIFI in this article.

Here, in this article we are going to share a trick with you which will help you to know how to check who is using your wifi.


How To Check Who Is Using Your Wifi


Here are the steps to check who is using your WiFi.

•             Download the application 'Fing' on your android cell phone.

•             After downloading the application.

•             Launch it and click on above sign as appeared in picture

•             Now, you can see all the gadget associated with your WiFi.

image caption: youtube

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Unwanted Internet Connection on your WiFi

Did you find any unwanted connection with your WiFi?. Don't be stressed there is no big deal. There are a few people who can without much effort hack your secret key utilizing your open system. Find out suspicious systems connected to your WiFi.

•             By doing this you can get the MAC Address of Suspicions system.

•             You will see a number like '192… .' it is said to be IP address. Beneath that number you will discover MAC address which consists both numbers and Alphabets.

•             How to check your IP Address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway

•             Now, open the framework, which is associated with your switch.

•             Now, enter your switch IP in your program.

•             Now, put your username and secret key and login.

•             It will open your Internet Router setting.

•             Now, enter the MAC address under MAC field.

•             You can obstruct the same number of association you need to block only by puting there MAC address.

Note : Once you enter there MAC address then they are restricted till you have web association. The boycott proceed regardless of the possibility that they have rectify secret word of your WiFi. Be that as it may, you can likewise unblock by expelling there address from MAC field.


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