How To Crash Anyone’s WhatsApp

Today I will share a trick to hang or crash someone's WhatsApp by sending some specific spam messages. I will disclos a mystery application which can crash or hang anyone's WhatsApp effortlessly you wish to crash. We'll guide you to How To Crash Anyone’s WhatsApp.

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  1. You don't have to root your cell phone. WhatsApp Bomber will help you crash any WhatsApp. This application has a great collectio . It has 5 level and the fifth level is generally risky. The fifth level of WhatsApp plane will even hang your cell phone and will crash and pulverize your friend's WhatsApp that you want to crash.
  2. This application has a large number of spam messages which are characterized on the premise of the level. It has 5 level and the fifth level is generally unsafe. The fifth level of WhatsApp bomber might even hang your cell phone and will crash and decimate your friends WhatsApp.
  3. When you select a level and click on duplicate bomb to the clipboard. Around then, it duplicates a ton of words and when you paste that message and send to someone who is added in your whatsapp.. At that point, it actually crashes their WhatsApp.
  4. Try not to befuddle between the hack and hang/crash. Whatsapp crash implies that your friend's WhatsApp will hang for quite a while. This application does not enable you to peruse WhatsApp messages or hack it. You can only crash someone's WhatsApp.
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Step by step instructions to Crash WhatsApp App by Sending spam Messages – Crash WhatsApp Group

  • Download WhatsApp Bomber
  • Visit Settings => Security => Allow instalment of applications from other sources.
  • open WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Open WhatsApp plane and select the level.
  • paste the content in the visit box and your friend's WhatsApp will be crashed.


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Note: If the level is higher it will crash whatsapp for longer time. If you click on the fifth level. At that point, even your telephone might get hanged and it can crash your friend's WhatsApp completely.

You can likewise recuperate from WhatApp crash by a restart of the cell phone. You can likewise visit settings =>Apps=> WhatsApp=> Force Stop.


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