How to create, share the story with close friends on Instagram

You should have tons of friends on your Instagram account, but not all of them are actually your friends, some are coworkers, some are friends and some are relatives and with them all in one place, sometimes it gets difficult. Let’s share stories.

Some stories are not for everyone and if you do not wish to share your Instagram stories with them, you will create an in-depth friend list. With a close friend list, you will share your personal photos with some close friends that you will not be eager to share with just friends.

Do you have the skills to share a story with your close friend list on Instagram? There may be a complete guide here, which you will follow, but first, you might want to log into your Instagram app for Android or iOS.

How to create a close friend list using the Instagram app

You can create an in-depth friend list and share your story with a list of people only. Here are the steps you want to use to make a list of close friends using the Instagram app.

Step 1: Open your device and tap on the Instagram app.

Step 2: Now login by entering your user ID and password.

Step 3: Tap on the homepage icon at the bottom right.

Step 4: On the new page, now tap the menu option (three horizontal lines) in the top right.

Step 5: Now tap on close friends, then tap on the highest suggestion.

Step 6: Add here next to the people you want to add to your close friend list.

Note: You will also tap on the quest to search for a lover.

Step 7: Finally when you have finished adding people to your list.

To create an in-depth friend list, you can follow the steps above. Once you have created a close friend list, you will update your list and can remove people at any time as per your convenience. Once you are added to your list, after you add or remove it from your close friend list, you will not be notified.

If you upload any story and need to share a story with your close friend list using the Instagram app, you might want to follow some steps.

How to share the story with close friends list using Instagram app

Step 1: Tap the camera icon within the top left or swipe from anywhere within the feed to the right.

Step 2: Tap and hold on the next tap circle (capture button) at the bottom of the screen to tap and hold to record a picture, or a video.

Step 3: You can also choose a picture from your phone’s library or gallery, all you have to do is swipe anywhere on the screen.

Step 4: After selecting an image when you are able to share, tap Close Friends at the bottom left.

Before you share a story in mind that people on your close friend list know that they are there, but they can’t see who is on your friend list. Only you will see your close friends list and change it, and no one else can request to add you.

How to know if something has added you to your close friend list

If someone has added you to their close friend list, you will see a green badge when you are looking at a green ring around their stories and their profile photo. Stories with close friends will disappear after 24 hours, the equivalent of your other normal story.

Previously, stories could be viewed by all your followers, but the new close friend list feature would now create a list of select friends who can see your stories.