How To Restart Hanged Phone

How To Restart Hanged Phone

Restart hanged android or iPhone in few moments without expelling battery. Reboot your cell phone when it gets hanged. Restart the cell phone when not reacting. We’ll guide you to How To Restart Hanged Phone.

The moment cell phones get hanged, there is nothing much you can do. You cannot use any of the apps that are available in your phone as it won’t respond. It doesn’t respond regardless of the possibility that you tap on catches or its touchscreen.

Cell phone hang issue is exceptionally basic nowadays. Be that as it may, it is practically difficult to restore your cell phone to its unique condition. We are going to tell you How To Restart Hanged Phone.

Restart Hanged Android or iPhone without expelling the Battery

Yes! It is conceivable to reboot your hanged android or iPhone regardless of the possibility that your cell phone is not responding.


  • Press Power On / Off button for 30 seconds.
  • Automatically the phone would turn off.
  • Further you can power it on, and it would re start.


  • In a few cell phone there is no home screen key available.
  • press Volume up + Volume Down + Power key for few moments. Press these keys and sit tight for few moments and you will see your telephone reboot naturally. Try not to stress it won’t take your cell phone to recuperation mode.

It is a protected technique to restart hanged android or iPhone. On the off chance that it is still not responding to any summons then, hold up till the battery achieves zero and it turn off the cell phone consequently. There are a few reasons which make cell phone hang.


  • Try removing the battery.

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Why Android or iPhone hang?

  • There are a few reasons which make cell phone hang. You must close all the applications which has no use. You should kill each app once you are done with it.

  • Keep your battery level to 30%+ which make cell phone function admirably. It gives great battery reinforcement to a cell phone to take a shot at applications.

  • Reboot your cell phone once every day. When you reboot your cell phone it shuts all applications and make the phone work better.

  • You can follow the steps mentioned above and your cell phone will never get hanged.


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