How To Take A Screenshot On Any Device? Simple Tricks-

How to take a screenshot on any device?

Hello Friends, Today’s I will tell you that how to take a screenshot of smartphones, laptop, computer, tablets etc.So I will guide you for it. No matter which device you use.Now some steps are given below.And you can follow these-

Some easy tricks for taking the screenshot-

  • Smartphones and Tablets-

Taking screenshots on your smartphone or tablet with easy way.
1- Just hold the power button for a few seconds and then press the Volume Down button.This process for all smartphones.
2- If you are BlackBerry 10 smartphone user. Then you can take a screenshot by pressing both volume buttons together.

  • Desktops and Laptops-
  • If you are using any version of Microsoft Windows and wants to take screenshots of the entire screen, then it is the two-step process.
  1.  Press the Print Screen or PrntScr button on your keyboard.
  2. Open MS Paint and press ctrl+V. And now you can save the screenshot in your file.
  • if you are using window 8 and window 8.1 then follow these steps-

1- Press Window key + PrtSc. And Now your screen has been captured.                                     2- Now open MS paint and press Ctrl+V. And save your image in the file.

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I hope you would understand that How to take the screenshot on any device.


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