Learn how to break padlocks and pick locks

Well in most of the movies and serials we see people break locks, just like that. Opening handcuffs and other locks seems to be a real task for them. Yes, we do understand that those are movies and everything is possible. But if I say that this is possible through bit practice. Amazed, let me teach you how. Learn how to break padlocks and pick locks.


All you need is a paper clip and plucker.


Now, if you closely observe keys, there are certain pattern they follow, as every key and every lock has different pattern, you just need to understand it.

Let's take a common pattern and try and understand the illustration mentioned.


Now, through this picture you can easily make out how the actual key works and how can you unlock it in a simpler manner.All that you require is an aluminum can and hand shears.

Now let's take another illustration for better understanding. Tis time let's try and understand double lock padlock and to break / unlock it.


Now, with bit practice you can learn the master of locks.

PLEASE NOTE AND TRY TO UNDERSTAND that the trick was told to you for your own use only. Do not try this to open any unauthorized locks, or do not use this trick for any thing illegal as it may lead you to trouble.

This was just told for you to learn things and should be used for only educational purpose.

Hope you like this, if yes, do share BECAUSE sharing is caring

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