Must do for Smokers – Clean your Lungs in Just 3 Days

Smoking kills, smoking is injurious to health etc. etc. We have heard this thing from many people and many sources. And most of us are actually habitual to smoking. Imagine that tar which our lungs has to face and the kind of smoke that enters into it. It actually harm the lungs badly.

So those who smokes, please quit this habit and try the following thing to make your lungs clean and healthy again in just 3 days.

Follow the mentioned steps:

Please note that for next 7 days, apart from smoking you need to avoid dairy products as it would delay the detox process (cleaning of lungs).

  • Just after waking up squeeze the juice of two full lemons in a glass of water and drink it. (before eating or drinking anything else).
  • Drink 1 full glass of Grapefruit or Pineapple juice in the day time.
  • After having Breakfast and before lunch, drink one glass of Carrot juice.
  • During lunch you need to have plenty of any of these:

beets, tomatoes, parsley, figs, or almonds.

  • Before going to bed you need to have one glass of cranberry juice.
  • Till 7 days minimum 15 minutes of Bath is essential with warm water.
  • Once in a day anytime you need to take hot water vapor by putting 5 – 10 drops of eucalyptus oil. Proper water vapor covering your head with towel and inhale the vapors till 10 minutes.

By doing above mentioned things regularly for 3 days following things would happen:

  • Above mentioned juices are rich in antioxidants that would help to clean the lungs.
  • It would affect blood alkalization and stimulate detoxification.
  • It would also helps the body to cope up with the bacteria in the lungs.
  • It  would get toxins out of your body through your skin via perspiration.

and finally your lungs would become clean again.

Hope this would help, I would love to hear feedback's and comments from you.

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