Simple Tips To Get Incredible Pictures On Your Phone

The camera of the phone has come a long way, but they are not perfect. This is where you come. The following tips will show you how you can take awesome Pictures On Your Phone.

You may ask yourself “Why should I care about taking pictures with my phone?” According to data from Skyward, a Boston-based company specializing in content marketing, articles with images get 94 percent more views than articles without. Pictures On Your Phone

If you want your customers and website visitors to see your content, you should try to include several high-quality photographs.

  1. Use Gridlines

Gridlines help to balance your shot while taking pictures from your phone. This is one of the easiest and effective ways to improve the quality of your mobile shots.

  1. Zoom

When you use the digital zoom of your smartphone camera, you lose great detail. Instead, try to get a few steps closer towards your subject and see if your picture has not improved.

You will be surprised that a little closer to the subject can make all the difference in terms of picture quality in the world.

  1. Useless filter

The filters were cool at one time, but these days they are seen as gimmicks. Instead of using the same pre-defined filters used by countless teenagers around the world, try your hand at editing.

  1. Clean the lens

Your phone’s camera does not have a lens cap to protect it from all lint in your pocket or fingerprint smoothies. This build of the gun on your camera lens can give rise to blurred images that cannot correct any amount of post-production editing.

I recommend buying a lens cloth and some cleaners. Even wiping the lens with your T-shirt is better than nothing.

  1. Try to take pictures with your phone from strange angles

Taking pictures from strange angles can result in some of the most memorable photos. It is all about seeing from another point of view and to do so will require some creativity.

Think about the bird’s eye view / overhead – to capture a shot that has to position itself above the subject. To do this you can try taking pictures from rooftops, or even ladders.


The key to photography, like any art, is to learn and practice. Good photos are important to your content strategy. Although DSLRs and other “real cameras” are good, they are not always the most inexpensive and convenient device. It’s up to you to have truly awesome photos with the equipment you have – your phone. For more tech news, visit our website¬†Need Tricks.

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