Simple Tricks To Understand The Security Features Of New 2000 Rupee Note And 500 Rupee Note

In the repercussions of government demonetising Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes, money administration organizations have begun a noteworthy practice that may see Rs 40,000 crore worth of notes being moved around in more than 2.2 lakh ATMs and want to standardize operations for the general population in two weeks.

Despite the fact that guaranteed, the new Rs 500 notes were not put into course in the national capital. In any case, the individuals who got the fuchsia shaded new Rs 2,000 notes with a Mangalyaan engrave on the turn around felt elated and posted their photo alongside the money via web-based networking media. As individuals line up in long lines outside banks and ATMs all over, for the general population who have gotten the new cash notes, here is a rundown of safety efforts that have been taken to abstain from forging:

Basic to both section notes:

Front side:

See through enroll with denominational numeral can be seen when the note is held against it.

Inert picture with denominational numeral can be seen when the banknote is held at 45 degree edge at eye level.

Denominational numeral in Devnagari.

Shading shift windowed security string with engravings 'भारत', RBI and denominational numeral. Shade of the string changes from green to blue when the note is tilted.

Ensure proviso, Governor's mark with Promise Clause and RBI symbol towards right.

Mahatma Gandhi picture and electrotype watermarks.

Number board with numerals developing from little to huge on the top ledt side and base right side.

Denominational numeral with Rupee Symbol, in green to blue shading evolving ink.

Ashoka Pillar insignia on the privilege.

For outwardly hindered:

Raised printing of Mahatma Gandhi picture, Ashoka Pillar embelem.


Year of printing of the note on the left

Swachh Bharat logo with motto

Dialect board towards the inside

rs2000-rbiExclusive for the Rs 2,000 note:


Picture of Mahatma Gandhi in the middle.

Small scale letter "RBI" and "2000"

For outwardly disabled:

Level rectangle with Rs 2000 in raised print on the privilege

Seven rakish drain lines on left and right side in raised print

Turn around:

Theme of Mangalyaan

rs500-rbiExclusive for the Rs 500 note:

Front side:

Introduction and relative position of Mahatma Gandhi representation changed.

For outwardly disabled:

Hover with section imprinted on it.

Five drain lines on left and appropriate in raised print.

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