Top 8 Free & Paid Plagiarism Checkers

Whenever replicate content is printed without the author’s consent, then it’s known as plagiarism.

Many individuals on the internet believe that they may steal others’ articles and use them as their very own.

However, they overlook that Google’s algorithm and search engine spiders will not let them exist longer. Their websites won’t simply get penalized but may also get banned by the search engine.

This penalty may cost much higher than considering a writer and write low-quality content yourself. In this situation, a plagiarism checker assists the users in analyzing your content.

Thus, it’s of extreme importance that your entire contents undergo a plagiarism checker to check any duplicate content.

In this article, we will discuss the top necessity of this tool as well as the top tools to consider an accurate scanning of plagiarism.

Why is it required to evaluate Plagiarism?

Over the digital world, plagiarism plays a significant part in producing original content.

If you’re a content writer, a blog owner, a site operator, or even a guest poster, then your content needs to become plagiarism-free to get ranked on the search engine.

Besides, it is also essential to prevent a penalty out of Google’s algorithm indexing that simplifies replicate content.

It can’t just cost you a bit of downgrade of ranking but also it may influence your standing in the SERP.

List of 10 Online Plagiarism Checker Tools

Now we will talk about the best plagiarism checker applications (including paid and free) available on the internet that will assist you to create exceptional and unique content.

1. Quetext (Free & Paid)

The interface is simple to use as it doesn’t have any extra tools/features. You will get the option of entering the text using copy-paste method or uploading the file directly from your device.

Once you enter the text inside the box, you need to hit enter to test for plagiarism.

As Quetext offers a free trial, it will force you to get their Paid subscription to use it after the trial ends. In the Trial version, you get 2500 words for free upon new registration.

Therefore, this is not free, but it does a fantastic job of discovering duplicate content in your webpages.

2. Grammarly (Paid)

Grammarly is a highly beneficial tool for digital publishers. If you’re into publishing or blogging content, then Grammarly is beneficial for your as it offers some additional tools than a plagiarism checker.

This tool will stay connected to a browser and keep pointing you concerning the mistakes you create while generating articles.

You can conduct your articles via the Grammarly plagiarism checker to find the plagiarism also. Frequently, we write similar paragraphs to other available content unintentionally, and using this tool, you can utilize this tool to find the source.

3. Prepostseo (Free & Paid)

Another efficient Plagiarism checker available on the internet is the Prepostseo’s Plagiarism Checker. This Plagiarism has some extra value as it allows the users to utilize the tool for free for up to 1000 words.

When you register at this website, you get more queries, and buying their Paid packages will allow the checking for up to 25000 words.

The Prepostseo uses some advanced algorithms to find the source of the content over different platforms.

This includes blogs, e-papers, journals, e-books, social media posts, as well as YouTube descriptions.

Once it catches any similar data, it will display the percentage along with the URL. Not only this, but it will also find the content that is paraphrased.

For example, if the content is spun or paraphrased, it will also highlight it.

4. CopyScape (Free & Paid)

CopyScape is a standout among the most well-known plagiarism tools available in the industry. This tool has existed for quite some time and gives security from the CopyScape tool to protect your website from plagiarism.

You can use this tool to find out whether your content has been replicated by anyone in the company, you merely should place the URL of your article in the “URL” section and assess, it is going to supply you with detailed results of all of the comparative content webpages.

It’s possible to examine your piece of articles for uniqueness until you publish it on the internet. The process is simple and easy, as you just need to paste the content or enter the URL of the content.

5. EduBirdie (Paid)

EduBirdie is a superb alternative for many of your writing requirements for scholarly content. In the event you are looking for a proofreader or an editor, then look no further; EduBirdie presents excellent writing administrations.

Together with the writing homework, the EduBirdie tool supplies you with an amazing plagiarism checker tool that will support you in creating unique writing.

When you outsource the writing assignment, then you do not receive 100 percent original articles, therefore make a point to inspect the material before making it.

The EduBirdie plagiarism checker tool isn’t hard to use. As you just need to insert the text and click on the check plagiarism button to assess any duplicate content.

6. Check-Plagiarism (Free & Paid)

Another popular tool to check originality via Plagiarism checker is Check-Plagiarism. This tool is efficient in checking different online resources to find plagiarism and once it finds, it will display the percentage.

Not only it displays the plagiarism ratio but it also highlights the text that is similar to another source. This way, the writer may make it unique by rewriting or citing the source.

Check-Plagiarism is completely free for everyone without any word limit and students usually use this site to check their assignment’s originality.

6. (Paid)

“Plagiarism Check” is yet another popular tool that’s frequently utilized by publishers, content writers, bloggers, and educators to cross-check their article’s originality and also the proportion of plagiarism within their content.

This is a paid tool. It doesn’t cost much but a minimal $5.99 for your initial testing which can make it possible for you to check around 20 pages.

You can utilize their trial version before choosing the ones that are paid.

7. Plagium (Free & Paid)

Plagium is also a precious and completely free plagiarism checker tool that will help you in assessing plagiarism online without having to spend a great amount.

In the event you would like to scan your articles completely, you have to devote some money and cover $0.08 per page. This tool allows you to test around 5000 words at any given time that’s amazing and makes it rather beneficial for extended content.


Even the above-discussed tools are most likely the very best available plagiarism checkers to be found on the internet that will assist you to write high-quality content.

Always be certain that you check plagiarism before the last book of your articles as in many instances we write contents that unwittingly fit the printed content on the internet.

Most of these plagiarism checkers offer the source via URLs and this can lead you to cite the original content to avoid plagiarism.