Tricks to Download YouTube Videos for Opera, Firefox or Chrome

There are many software to to download youtube videos but most of them requires to copy past the url of the video you want to download. If want a much shorter step which exclude the step of copy paste of the url here are the step you should follow. For such download you need to have a browser extention. 

Tricks to Download YouTube Videos for Opera, Firefox or Chrome

Of all browser extention the most user friendly is the and this extentions works well with Opera, Firefox and Chrome.

So, initially you need to download this extention first.


Follow the steps given below to proceed


Download For opera:  firefox:  and for chrome:    (click on hyperlink for direct download)


After installing the extension Follow the following steps:


Step 1

Go to the video page, and then click on the extension button.


Step 2

A drop down menu appears comprising a number of options. Click on the Download from current page option.


Step 3 Doing so takes you to the official page, where the url of the video is already processing.


Step 4 You will see general information about the video like title (name of the video), duration and source. You can choose to download the video in any of the formats like (FLV 240p, MP4 720p, 3GP 240p) which appear below the download links.


Step 5 Right click on the format you want, and select Save link as… to download the file.


Hope this trick would help you to Download YouTube Videos for Opera, Firefox or Chrome. Feel free to comment.

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