Tricks to Make a Folder as Drives

This tricks will help you to save your favourite folder or any folder of your choice as a virtual drive. The steps in involved are very simple and easy to understand.

Follow these Steps:

Step 1

Goto Start > Run>Type cmd> Enter. This will open "Command Prompt"

Step 2

Type subst Z: E:\folder and hit Enter key.
You can replace Z: with your desired New Drive Letter (Except existing Drive letters)! You can replace E:\folder with the path of your favorite folder !

Step 3

Now, type exit

This will help you to creates a new drive. When you open this drive , it will open your folder. But, this virtual drive will disappear when you restart your system. To make it permanent follow these steps.

Step 1

Open Notepad

Step 2

Type :
subst Z: E:\folder

Step 3

Save it and Name it : Virtual Drive Emulator.bat

Step 4

Goto Start up >All Programs>Right Click on Startup >> Open
This open the Startup folder.

Step 5

Paste the Virtual Drive Emulator.bat file here !

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