Tricks to Make Your Facebook Profile Photo Un-clickable

Well Facebook respect the privacy of every users, so there is every separate setting of privacy. If you do not want your profile picture to be clickable by other here are the steps you should follow. In this blog would let you know Tricks to Make Your Facebook Profile Photo Un-clickable.

Tricks to Make Your Facebook Profile Photo Un-clickable

Sometime our profile photo is downloaded by other people and they mis utilized it for many things. Just to be safe and privacy ensured. This trick would help you to get your profile picture secure. That can not be downloaded.

Just follow the given steps to know:

Step 1

  • log in to your Facebook account
  • Open and then type in your User ID and Password.

Step 2

  • Go to your Albums “ > Profile Pictures
  • You can see the navigation in your profile page.

Step 3

  • Select your current profile picture.
  • It would open.

Step 4

  • Adjust privacy setting to Only Me
  • There must be other settings but you need to choose Only me. Click it.

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