Tricks to Recover Unsave Documents in Microsoft Words

You may come across certain conditions that you forget to save the works you have done to Microsoft words and due to some issue your issues your system stop working and have shut down or to restart. Also due to some errors the documents you were working may get lost unsaved. In this blog we would tell Tricks to Recover Unsave Documents in Microsoft Words.

This trick will help you to recover your save documents in Microsoft office.


Follow the followings steps:


Step 1:

Search for the original document


Step 2:

Restart Word to look for the recovered document


Step 3:

Search for AutoRecover files


Step 4:

Search for Word backup files


Step 5:

Search for temporary files


Step 6:

Search for "~" files


Step 7:

Check the Recycling Bin


This help you to recover your documents. If you think this was helpful to you please like it and share the tricks on social network.

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