Tricks to Solve Hanging/Blank Screen/Screen Freeze for Windows 8

If you are using windows 8 most probably you will be facing problems like hanging and blank screen or screen freezes while starting or the system stuck while running programs etc. Such are the major issues of windows 8. Like windows vista which has many issues regarding drivers and hardware windows 8 is also a flop of Microsoft which has a huge complains from the users.

Here in this article some important tips and recommended step are provide for you to follow if you faces similar problem. Most of the tips may be familiar to you or rather are easy steps and hope will help you a lot.


Tricks to Solve Hanging/Blank Screen/Screen Freeze for Windows 8


If you faces blank screen problem where nothing but the pointer of the mouse move. It is highly recommended to turn-off the system by pressing the power button and remove the power supply. Allow your laptop to stay for a while say 2 minute then remove the battery. keeping the battery unattached connect the power supply and start the system, this time the system will start normally and there will not be any problem of blank screen. Now you can shut down and attached the battery and start it.


If you are facing the problem of freezing screen or the system stuck while running program. And in case even the system remains in the looping condition after restarting. In such case you will need to restart the system by pressing the power button then keep pressing F8 button until you get a proper solution.


If the system hangs and remains stuck in the middle of program where everything remains unresponsive in such case the task manager may also not work if you try it by clicking the task bar. In such case Press control+Alt+delete from keyboard. Then kill or end task the unresponsive program from the task manager.


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