Twitter Retires Blue Check Mark: A New Era of Transparency and Inclusivity Begins

Twitter’s legacy blue check mark era is officially over, as the platform has recently announced that it is retiring the iconic blue check mark verification program. This program was launched in 2009 to verify the authenticity of accounts of public figures, celebrities. And brands, but over the years it has faced several criticisms for its inconsistent and opaque verification process.

In this blog we will discuss about the Twitter’s legacy blue check mark era is officially over

Twitter has decided to introduce a new verification system that is more transparent, consistent, and inclusive. The new system will include categories for verification, such as government officials, journalists, activists. And organizers, and a clear set of guidelines for eligibility. The new application process will also be more user-friendly, with applicants required to submit personal information. Such as a government-issued ID or proof of address, as well as information about their profession or field of work.

Retiring the legacy blue check mark program is a significant step towards creating a more credible. And trustworthy social media platform. The move is a signal of Twitter’s commitment to promoting authenticity. And transparency on its platform in a way that is fair and accessible to all users. By introducing a more consistent and transparent verification process, Twitter is creating a level playing field for all users and ensuring that the platform is more inclusive.

The retirement of the legacy blue check mark program also highlights the evolving meaning of symbols on social media platforms. What was initially meant to be a symbol of authenticity and credibility became a symbol of social status, leading to controversies and criticisms. Social media platforms must continually evaluate the meanings of symbols and the impact they have on users to create a more positive and equitable online experience.


Twitter’s decision to retire the blue check mark verification program is a positive step towards creating a more credible, trustworthy, and inclusive platform. The new verification system promises to be more transparent, consistent, and accessible, which is a move in the right direction towards creating a more authentic and trustworthy social media space.

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