5 Ways To Regain Trust Of Consumer For Social Media

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According to Edelman’s 2018 Trust Barometer Special Report, 60% of individuals do not trust social media. It follows a rocky 2018 that saw the Cambridge Analytics data breach and the removal of a minimum of 50 million fake accounts on Twitter. It is easy to find out why rebuilding customer confidence may be a top priority among many companies this year.social media

5 ways to gain consumer confidence in social media

Make safe space for close-knit groups

Consumers are now more conscious about who they interact with, and having real conversation is more important than access. Provide your audience with a safe, exclusive social media space where they will meet, and you will gain the trust of consumers. The social media platform you choose should be an audience favorite and should be an honest one for the purpose of your community. To make some calls:

Use Micro-Influencers

Last year, many world leaders and celebrities wore Twitter followers’ followers. Now, consumers are turning to friends, family and micro-influences for fresh insights and offers.

Job opportunities and AI in customer support

Ever felt angry because a simple question of yours went unanswered? Letting your consumers do this will make it harder for you to gain customer confidence.

Pay attention to all or all of your customers’ messages by fitting your brand’s live chat function with chatbots and AI. Once programmed, they can send automated responses, respond, or provide genuine advice to consumers regardless of time of day. Some AI applications use tongue processing (NLP) to spot angry customers and pass them on to human agents.


Another way to help consumers is to regain their trust in social media which indicates your human side. Create content that your audience can relate to personally. Convenience of a loyal customer or top employee. Namedrop customers who have done a terrible job interacting with your brand, and follow up with an offline gesture. Your audience will feel quite comfortable interacting with you.

Must be transparent

Many modern-day consumers want to understand what goes into products before selling. They will ask about materials, carbon footprint, staff working conditions and animal testing. Alternatively, if stores suddenly run out of a particular product or are facing supply chain issues, the need for answers will follow. Hiding reality can hurt your brand’s reputation. Instead of maintaining reality, be honest and transparent on social media to gain customer confidence.

Trust is more important than ever in view of last year’s social network upheaval. Follow these 5 steps and you will make it easy for consumers to trust social media and your brand again. For more tips and tricks visit www.needtricks.com.