What Can We Do On The Internet?

What Can We Do On The Internet?

These days using internet is one of the most important activities for the younger generation. Internet is mostly used either to share your thoughts and ideas or to gain knowledge in order to understand something. Internet is a medium which has given us a unique platform for innovations and creativity.

Internet is something which is making the world a better place to live. In this blog we will try to let you know “What can we do on internet”.


  • Discovering Data on the Web

With billions of sites online today, there is a considerable amount of data on the Internet. Web indexes make this data easier to discover. You should simply sort at least one watchword, and the web index will search for pertinent sites. 
For instance, suppose you're searching for another pair of shoes. You could utilize a web index to find out about all sort of shoes or even discover where to get them online!


  • Email

Short form for Electronic Mail, Email is a medium to send and recieve messages over the Internet. Almost everyone who utilizes the Internet have their own email account. An Email is something which is required to do almost everthing on the internet, from web based saving money to making a Facebook account.


  • Interpersonal interaction

Social networking sites are another medium to stay connected with your family and friends on the web. Unlike Email, social networking sites allow you to interact with almost everyone in the world. You don’t really need to know someone’s Email id in order to have a conversation with them. Facebook is the world's largest social networking site with more than 1 billion users around the world.


  • Talk and Texting

Talk and texting (IM) are short messages sent and perused progressively, enabling you to chat more rapidly and effectively than email. These are for the most part utilized when both (or all) individuals are on the web, so your message can be perused promptly.


  • Online media

There are many locales that enable you to watch recordings and tune in to music. For instance, you can watch many recordings on YouTube or tune on tthe Internet radio on Pandora. Different organisations, as Netflix and Hulu, enable you to watch movies and TV series. What's more, if have a set-beat gushing box, you can even watch them directly on your TV rather than a PC screen.


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