What is Bitcoin? And How To Make Money From Bitcoin.Know Here-

What is Bitcoin.

In this Article, I will tell you about Bitcoin and How to make money from bitcoin.


Here you can read about Bitcoin-
Bitcoin is the digital currency.And Bitcoin can be used to make purchases or traded like a stock. But you can’t feel and see it. You can only store it. In 2008, Bitcoin digital currency made by Satoshi Nakamoto. At that time Bitcoin recognition was less than 1 rupee in our India. But now 1 Bitcoin value is 3854.77$.

Bitcoin is the open source that is handled by Bitcoin users and investors. Which has no control over any company or organization? And also the government is not related to this currency.And Bitcoin is just like a share market. You can buy and sell it. It is Bitcoin digital currency.

How to earn money via Bitcoin-

Bitcoin digital currency is used to make safe and secure transactions in all over the world.These are some steps to earn money via Bitcoin. Read here-

1- Bitcoin bought and sale-

if you have some money then you bought Bitcoin by using this Zebpay Bitcoin Wallet. And store it. When some time Bitcoin value is increased then you can sell your Bitcoin and earn more.

2- Take payment after the sale in Bitcoin-

The second way is that when you want sale anything online.Then after the sale, you take a payment in Bitcoin. And Store your Bitcoin.And when Bitcoin value is increased you sale it.

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