What is Delicious? What is the Impact Of Delicious On Social Media

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Delicious is an online bookmarking destination where users can save bookmarked sites on a personal account. Delicious, formerly known as Del.icio.us. Delicious is more than just a bookmark site — it’s a social bookmarking site, which means there’s also a focus on sharing along with storing.

With a username and password, it’s possible to call up your own unique database of links from practically anywhere in the world, regardless of whether or not you have your personal computer with you at the moment.

However, bookmark tools, as useful as they are, have a minor downside.  Naturally, you’ve carefully kept track of every piece of information you’ve searched for over the past month. So, what’s the problem? It’s all bookmarked on your desktop computer, which is, of course, back at the office.

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Delicious: Bookmarking on Steroids

Delicious is like a normal bookmark that decided to take steroids and is now hitting 85 home runs a year.  Not a baseball fan?  Allow me to rephrase.  Delicious is everything you get with your normal everyday bookmarks but with a lot more power. It have some very unique features as like:

Save a Web Page: Just like a normal bookmark, Delicious allows you to save the address of a web page so that you can later find it with one click of your mouse.

Add Tags: A tag is one word that describes the site that you are bookmarking.  They basically act like folders in that you can click on one tag and see all of the sites you have saved that have that tag.  But you can add multiple tags to each site based on what categories it fits into.  As long as you take a little bit of time to add meaningful tags when you add a new bookmark, it will make it far easier to find a site that you are looking for later.

Find Sites Based on a Tag: Another cool feature that contributes to the “social” nature of social bookmarking is that you can find sites that other people have tagged.

Take Your Bookmarks With You: Unlike traditional bookmarks that are saved on your computer, your Delicious bookmarks are saved online.  This means that no matter what computer you are on you can go to the Delicious website, log in and access your favorite bookmarks.

Build a Network, Share Your Bookmarks: Delicious also lets you connect with your friends.  You can create a network and see what bookmarks people in your network find interesting.

Install it Right into Your Browser: When you set up your Delicious account, it gives you the option to immediately install Delicious into your browser.  That way, while you are browsing, you can click one button and immediately bookmark the page you are viewing.

For those of you that already use bookmarks, consider heading over to Delicious for at least a look.  It may become one of those things that you can’t remember living without.

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Benefits, features and why you should use Delicious

This section of the article will highlight the importance of the presence of a social media like Delicious and why you should give it a try to feel the world of social bookmarking.

  • It helps you organize favorite content: As a social bookmarking website, the most obvious and the most important service provided by Delicious is that it allows you to save the links which are found across the World Wide Web, in a centralized location.
  • Handily organize your links: Company-wide Delicious account brings employees close Delicious is the ideal platform to achieve what you want.
  • The process of sharing content with Delicious among the staff is significantly an easier task as compared to emailing specific persons selected from your address book.
  • This provides the employees with the access to the bookmarks shared by the company, ultimately allowing company owners to share knowledge with employees in one of the easiest ways.
  • Tagging: With the tagging feature, you are never in danger of having to look for what you have done throughout your online life. In the event of a website being bookmarked in your Delicious account, you are provided with the feature of adding tags to the link. The tagging feature helps users categorize the web links according to custom categories the user prefers.
  • Making your presence in the World Wide Web: Do you have any sort of contents on the web which were either designed or created by you? At times, you might be asked to provide reference to designs crafted by yourself and at such occasions, it is important that you keep a link database to your creations.
  • Share your bookmark: Considered as one of the most important services offered by Delicious, its ability to share content with your friends has never been easier.
  • With Delicious, you are in full control over the sharing facilities of bookmarks and this provides you with the option of sharing all important bookmarks with your friends from just a simple set of steps. The web browsers in this case, do not provide you with the option of sharing bookmarks. For bookmarks sharing, either a direct URL or an RSS feed URL can be provided to make the task of sharing easier.
  • RSS & json feeds: Variety of useful apps. Delicious has enhanced the usability of this platform by making available a variety of useful apps. These apps serve to effectively integrate the platform into many widely used devices and interfaces such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Firefox OS and Firefox Android.
  • Blog page: Delicious makes an effort to stay in touch and in tune with their user base. This is accomplished through a useful and regularly updated blog platform. The blog is incorporated into the main site and is a great resource for anyone who uses their

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