5 Most Helpful iOS Tips And Tricks

5 Most Helpful iOS Tips And Tricks

iOS 10 brings a recently updated Lock screen and Control Centre, augmentations for Maps and Siri and a whole App Store for the Messages application. What's more, it’s just the beginning. There is bunch of littler, efficiency based components in iOS 10. In the following article we are going to talk about 5 Most Helpful iOS Tips And Tricks.

These are the 5 Most Helpful iOS Tips And Tricks.

1. Utilize Siri To Send Messages Or Call in Whatsapp

In iOS 10, simply ask Siri something like "Make an impression on Alex on Whatsapp saying I'll be 10 minutes late". Also, you can attempt distinctive blends of this and Siri will get it. You can likewise say "Call Alex on Skype" and she begins the ring appropriate, without you going to the application. 

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2. Utilize Siri To Call an Uber

Another cool thing you can do with Siri is request her to call Uber and get a ride booked for you. You can ask for things like "Get me an Uber home". Or "Get me a Uber for x put". Siri will indicate your points of interest like which auto is joining a live guide in that spot. 

3. 3D Touch Notifications Everywhere

The default method for cooperating with warnings in iOS 10 is utilizing 3D Touch. At whatever point you see a notice, regardless of if it's on the Lock screen, Notification Center or when you're in an application, only 3D Touch can get it done. You will see a review of the message, alongside moves you can make. In the event that the application bolsters it, you'll likewise get a rich see. For Messages this will be the discussion and for Uber it will be the live application. 

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4. Rapidly Access Cellular Data from Home screen

3D Touch the Settings symbol and you'll see the Cellular Data choice there. Tap it and you'l straightforwardly hop to the Cellular Data area in Settings. 

5. Call Contacts without Unlocking Your Phone

On the off chance that you have your favourite gadget setup. You can call your favourite contacts with only a tap. Without even unlocking your phone. 

6. Send A Selfie From The Keyboard in iMessages 

When you're in a discussion in iMessage, tap the "right bolt" catch, select "Camera". Now you'll see a little viewfinder in the Keyboard. Flip the camera if it's not in Selfie mode as of now and you are all set to get clicked.

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In the above article we discussed about 5 Most Helpful iOS Tips And Tricks. Hope you would like reading this article and it would be helpful. please do like, comment and share. 

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