How To Make Your Android Mobile Work Faster

In these days, many mobiles gets slowed down due to the lack storage of RAM many people suffers from the slowing down of mobile they cant do any work in there mobiles there mobiles becomes incompetent. This article would help you to make your mobile faster and make it again a useful mobile.

To make a mobile faster we would need to follow the steps as given below:

  • When you have used an app and you have done the work inside the app then clear it from the recent opened apps.
  • Install Clean Master from Play Store.
  • After installing it just open the Clean Master app.
  • After opening the app just click on Clear RAM(It would clear all the recent opened apps).
  • After cleaning RAM come back to main screen.
  • Then click Clear Junk Files Button(This would clear all the junk file from the RAM).
  • After Junk Files are cleared come back to main screen.
  • Then click on Clear Background Processing Apps(This would clear all the background processing apps from the RAM).
  • After Background Processing Apps are cleared come back to main screen.
  • Click on the Clear Cache Button(This would clear all the cache in the RAM).


After this is done your mobile would become 4x faster from the before speed to keep this speed as it is do these steps in every few weeks. This would help you to do all your work inside from the mobile. Whenever, you have used an app just clear it from the RAM because it would make your mobile slower and slower. Follow these steps carefully otherwise it wouldn’t take any effect on your mobile. So, at last we got to know that how can fast up our mobile in just a few steps. Hope you found this article helpful. Feel free to ask, comment and share.

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